Baby Animal Newborn Socks/Baby Toy with Bell Ring


Baby Animal Newborn Socks/Baby Toy with Bell Ring

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  • SKU: YC00082_B_F
  • Brand: Lulububbles
  • Type: Socks
  • Availability: In Stock

[specification] the length of hand belt is about 14.5cm (the size can be adjusted by gluing adjustment)

The length of socks is about 14 cm.

Material fabric (passed CE safety certification)

[product description]

Very beautiful watch belt, colourful, lovely modelling, starting around 3 months baby will enjoy watching your fingers, they will like watching fingers and sucking his fingers, so I can give the baby with wrist strap can let the baby is easy to find their own small, insects have built-in small bell, can send out a soft rustle (voice comparatively light, and this is to let the baby to find more), can attract the attention of the baby, bring the baby hand slightly move they heard the bell, give the baby a sound in the world.

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