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Your baby will surely love the Baby Teething Glove! It is cute, innovative and fits over your baby's hand. It allows them to self-soothe their itchy and irritated gums. A must-have for your teething baby!

  • HANDS ALWAYS IN TEETHING BABY?¡¥S MOUTH? Give mom and dad the satisfaction of knowing they are doing the right thing by using this baby mitten teething glove to keep teething baby safe from scratching themselves, saliva irritating their skin, and lessen the chance of developing blisters from thumb sucking.
  • BABY ENTERTAINS SELF WITH A SENSORY STIMULATING TOY. The crinkle sound, pain relieving texture, and contrasting colors will stimulate learning to help your baby reach their developmental milestones sooner. Because baby entertains themselves mom has time to finish a meal, call a friend, or even take a shower.
  • HELPS FUSSY, CRYING BABIES BY REDUCING PAIN FROM TEETHING. This chemical-free, baby-safe, all-natural convenient approach to pain relief caused by teething will transform a fussy baby to a smiling baby in no time and make parents feel good that they are helping their baby feel better.
  • CONSTANTLY PICKING TOYS UP OFF THE GROUND AND CHANGING DROOL SOAKED CLOTHES? This Baby Mitten Teething Glove comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to prevent baby from dropping it on the ground and soft breathable fabric that absorbs drool so you spend less money and time doing laundry. Moms love that the mitts are machine washable, super easy to clean and each one comes with a complimentary travel/laundry bag.


  • SAFE FOR BABY AND MADE TO LAST FOR YEARS. It is made with food-grade silicone and BPA and phthalate-free and Cotton
  • Gloves Size: 100*70*40mm

Package Included:?

  • 1 x Glove?

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